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Kaushalya Abayasinghe

One of the best outlets by EG group. Super friendly service provided. Recommending to everyone

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Paul Kader

We called in here while travelling to the West Country. We needed coffee, a snack and a loo. The coffee was good and we each had a sausage bap, which was delicious. The young lady serving was very efficient and friendly. My only complaint was that the loo’s although very clean, they were very cramped. I can imagine if the place was full, there would be a very long wait. For a café of that size they should be double or triple the size.

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The staff at Starbucks today where absolutely awesome for us. We had been there for 16 hours awaiting recovery. The place was clean from 0730 in the morning till 1900 when we left as they were closing. Both shift changes of staff were pleasant and polite. Toilets smelt and looked clean. Food was very nice I had cheese and ham panini which was heated up and piping hot very nice with the twist of Dijon mustard! Plenty of hot chocolate and was very flavoursome. Busiest time whilst we were there was around 1100 - 1300. Nice ambience to chill out and some comfy seating.

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Priyam Limbu

I asked for a strawberry coconut refresher. They didn’t have coconut milk which was okay. But they didn’t have any strawberries in my drink so I asked them to add some and they literally added 4 strawberries and the staff was like ohh u want some (the strawberries are part of the drink and the reason why i buy the drink). I would rate 1 for the customer service.

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Alan Hiscock

Stopped for quick break travelling home from Surrey, usually stop at these services as half way point. Ordered two coffees and the assistance tried to charge me 10p per cup extra for paper cups, when questioned that we were sittng in she stated that their dishwasher was broken and couldn't use proper cups, however she did remove the extra charge. These services are convenient but never seem to have enough staff for such a busy location and the maintenance of the location is questionable!! Travelling this route frequently I can understand the comments about the toilet areas. In the gents urinal at their services on the opposite carriageway where still not repaired after 6 months. Perhaps a visit from the local health department might improve things ??

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